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scielobreSciELO South Africa is an open-access (free to access and free to publish) searchable database of selected, high quality South African scholarly journals. The project is inspired by a global movement towards the implementation of online journals, pioneered by the SciELO project, based in Brazil.

 At the end of September 2015, the collection has now grown to 65 titles with an average of one new title per month being added and available on the SciELO SA platform. It is expected that at least 180 journals will eventually be published on the platform.The SciELO SA collection was certified in April 2013 as a regular operational collection indexed in the SciELO Network Global Portal. This greatly enhances the visibility of South African journals and will increase impact factors of our local journals. All SciELO journals appear on the Web of Knowledge (WoK) search portal as the SciELO Citation Index.

Selection and Quality Control of Journal Titles

Journals selected to be part of SciELO South Africa must first go through a rigorous process of quality appraisal.  Criteria for inclusion of journal titles on the platform are:

  1. accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET); AND

  2. recommended by the relevant ASSAf peer-review panel; OR be an internationally indexed journal in the Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) system.  

This will ensure that the most reliable, credible and innovative research by South Africa’s top researchers will be available in full to any person with internet access and the desire to learn, at no cost. Actual usage by scholars and scientists is monitored by the indexing system in various ways, including journal impact factors, and article citation and download statistics.

Journals Uploaded to SciELO SA

The South African Journal of Science, published by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), was the first, peer-reviewed journal to be fully Open Access on the SciELO SA platform.

The scholarly journals currently on the SciELO SA platform are: