The objective of the event is to showcase critical national reports on shale gas in South Africa; and provide a platform for debate, and consolidate common findings and recommendations, in order to move towards a consensus action plan.

Dates: 31 August 2017 – 01 September 2017
Venue: Boardwalk Conference Centre, Port Elizabeth
Contact: Nadia Algera

The reports that will be presented include the ASSAf report on South Africa’s Technical Readiness to support the Shale Gas Industry, and the Department of Environmental Affairs report on Shale Gas Development in the Central Karoo: A Scientific Assessment of the Opportunities and Risks.

If you have an interest in shale gas, whether it be the concerns that it poses, or the role it will play in developing South Africa’s energy mix, it is essential that you attend this crucial event.

Key topics:

    • SA context
    • ASSAf report – SA Technical readiness
    • Shale gas development in the Central Karoo: SEA
    • Regulatory environment
    • International perspectives
    • South African perspectives
    • Round-table discussions

 Benefits of attending:

    • Explore an update on the latest regulatory developments in terms of shale gas exploration and licensing
    • Hear from top international and renowned shale experts
    • Top energy industry role players and Academia
    • Interact via panel discussions and an open-to-the-public forum enabling engagement between key role players and interested members of the public
    • Hear from public and environmental awareness groups on the challenges and concerns around shale gas development

Key international and local energy experts including:

    • Dr Dennis Cooke, University of Adelaide, Australia
    • Tom Murphy, Penn State University, USA
    • Professor Maarten De Wit, Chair, Africa Earth Observatory Network, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
    • Dr Benson Modie, University of Botswana
    • Prof Barney Pityana, Vice-President, Academy of Science of South Africa
    • Dr Phil Mwara, Director-General, Department of Science and Technology
    • Prof Cyril O’Connor, Chair of the ASSAf Panel, University of Cape Town
    • Prof Bob Scholes, SEA Project Leader, University of Witwatersrand
    • Prof Jan Glazewski, University of Cape Town
    • Dr Shafick Adams, Water Research Commission
    • Dr Kevin Pietersen, Water Research Commission
    • Prof Michiel de Kock, University of Johannesburg