Call for Nomination of New ASSAf Members 2020 – date extention

The annual process of nominating and electing new Members to ASSAf has commenced for 2020 in accordance with Regulation 1 of the Academy. The relevant nomination form is attached.The membership of South Africa’s nationally and internationally recognised science academy, ultimately determines the quality and scope of the role that ASSAf can play in the developmental trajectory of the country. 

With its emphasis on evidence-based studies on topics of national importance, ASSAf Members have significant opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to influence national policy and practice. The Academy aspires to be an organization that has the confidence and trust of all South Africans, and the capacity to undertake studies of national relevance that are increasingly required of it.

The Academy is unequivocally committed to enhancing the representivity of its membership in terms of race, gender and diversity of disciplines and thus seeks to increase its membership in presently underrepresented
disciplines such as agriculture, mathematics, earth sciences, education and economics in tandem with increasing its female and black membership more generally.

Please remember that it is typical of all major science academies that the number of nominees significantly exceeds the number of elected Members/Fellows in each election cycle; many are only selected in their second or third year of nomination, and some never. There should thus be a substantial cohort of nominees to generate a “typical” academy selection cycle for ASSAf’s continued good progress and reputation; conversely, non-election of a (good) candidate after a first-time nomination is not unusual (as is the case for most of the world’s other science academies).

An updated list of current ASSAf Members is available on the website.You are hereby requested to nominate outstanding scientists and scholars who have made significant contributions to the advancement and application of science, nationally, regionally or internationally. Nominees must be currently contributing to scientific/scholarly activities in South Africa to a significant extent.

Nomination Process
1. Please request the nominee to complete Section A and please ensure that the nomination form is signed by the nominee (electronic signatures will be accepted).
2. You, as the primary nominator, are requested to verify Section A and add to it as appropriate.
3. Please complete Section B of the form as the nominator, noting that the citation in Section B should be used to strengthen the nominee’s application.
4. Please add the names of three other ASSAf Members who endorse your nomination in Section C and obtain their signatures either individually or collectively (electronic signatures will be accepted as will be separately faxed or emailed scanned copies of certificates with their signatures.)
5. Please send the completed nomination form comprising of Sections A, B and C together with the
candidate’s full CV to Mrs Renate Venier at, or alternatively fax the documents
to 086 210 5592, no later than 30 April 2020.
You are welcome to email any enquiries regarding the nomination process to Renate Venier at

The Academy is grateful to its Members for taking the time to participate in the nomination process of
new Academy Members.

Yours sincerely
Prof Sabiha Essack
General Secretary: Academy of Science of South Africa