Nominating and electing new Members to ASSAf

The call for the annual process of nominating and electing new Members to ASSAf has commenced in accordance with Regulation 1 of the Academy, and you are herewith requested to submit nominations by using the attached nomination form.

A reminder to the nominators of unsuccessful candidates in a previous election cycle to indicate whether they wish to have their nominations included again in the current election, and if so, to submit revised and updated versions of the documentation required.

Primary nominators should use Section B (the citation) on the nomination form to strengthen the nominee’s application – this information is regarded as prime information about the candidate that will be made available to Members for election purposes. It is important that the nomination is supported by a strong motivation by the nominee in alignment with the objectives for membership to the Academy (Section 6 of the nomination form refers in this regard).

Completednomination forms and a full curriculum vitaefor the nominee must be returned to Ms Renate Venier by email or as a fax to 086 210 5592.

The deadline for the submission of nominations is 23 April 2021 (midnight) – unfortunately due to tight timelines, no late submissions will be considered.