ASSAf Update on the Code of Conduct for Research to Stakeholders

ASSAf would like to take this opportunity to thank all stakeholders for the overwhelming responses and comments in the development of the Code of Conduct for Research, as per Chapter 7 of POPIA.

The Code of Conduct was submitted to the Information Regulator (Regulator) on 19 April 2023 for review. The Regulator is required to give notice in the Gazette, inviting affected parties to make written submissions before the Code can be approved. This will give all the stakeholders another opportunity to submit comments for consideration before accreditation. The guidelines from the Regulator stipulate that it will take up to 13 weeks to approve a Code once it has been submitted.

The submitted copy of the Code is available on the ASSAf website. Please note that comments can only be submitted to the Regulator once the notice is issued.

We thank all who have contributed to the discussion and debate to develop a Code of Conduct for Research that will provide both legal and practical guidelines on the interpretation of POPIA in the research sector.