ASSAf Forum on Just Transition – 3rd Session

Green hydrogen has emerged as one of the key energy carriers that can help to shift to net-zero emissions pathways, particularly in sectors such as shipping, steel, chemical feedstocks and fertilisers. South Africa, thanks to great renewable energy resources, vast land areas and technological knowledge (e.g. the Fischer Tropsch process), is heralded as one of the countries with the best potential for the production of green hydrogen and derivatives. Multiple projects are in development and the green hydrogen is set to make a meaningful contribution to South Africa’s decarbonisation pathways. Yet, it remains to be seen whether such developments can proceed inclusively, at the benefit of all, in the pursuit of a just transition in the country.


South Africa’s Green Hydrogen Commercialisation Strategy – Mr Mahandra Rooplall, Industry Development Planner: Industrial Development Cooperation

Presentation of HBS study on “Understanding green hydrogen in South Africa through a just transition lens” – Ms Lauren Hermanus, Founder: How We Adapt

ASSAf Forum EKC – Prof Eugene Cairncross, Technical Director: Life After Coal

The link to the session video can be assessed on the following link  video1112652919.mp4