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Global food systems are failing humanity and speeding up climate change: New report from 130 national academies issues wake-up call to leaders on eve of COP24

The current approach to food, nutrition, agriculture, and the environment is unsustainable and must change. There is no  [ ... ]

Invitation to nominate Volvo Environment Prize 2019

Please nominate for the Volvo Environment Prize 2019.  To be eligible for consideration, nominations must be submit [ ... ]

ASSAf News

The protection of intellectual property (IP) for grassroots innovation will be discussed at a seminar hosted by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) on 21 May 2019 in Pretoria.
Tuesday 14 May 2018 saw the formation of Invest In Open Infrastructure (IOI) a global initiative to increase the availability and sustainability of open knowledge infrastructure. The needs of today’s diverse scholarly communities are not being met by the existing largely uncoordinated scholarly infrastructure, which is dominated by vendor products that take ownership of the scholarly process and data without appropriate governance and oversight from the communities they serve.
The potential risk of neonicotinoids in Africa will be assessed at a working group meeting hosted by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina on 13 – 15 May 2019, in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Royal Society of South Africa and the Academy of Science of South Africa invite you to a free public lecture by Professor Susan Kidson, Former Dean of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town entitled The story of Equids in Africa: historical, archaeological and new genetic insights.
The University of Pretoria and the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) cordially invite you to a Public Lecture on Fundamental Physics with the Radio Sky by A/Prof Amanda Weltman, University of Cape Town and SAYAS member and The MeerKAT Radio Telescope: Fundamental Science Driving Policy, Innovation and Human Capital Development by Prof Justin Jonas, Chief Technologist, Square Kilometre Array. Click here for more...
ASSAf Signs Agreement with PAP
Thursday, 09 May 2019
The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) entered into an agreement with the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) for the advancement of science on the continent.
Kish Island, Iran, 29 April 2019 - Every year injuries kill more than 5 million − in other words they cause the deaths of around 1 out of every 10 people.  They have been considered the number one killer and crippler of children and youngsters for more than 20 years, yet in most countries acute injuries (also known as trauma) are still considered ‘accidents’.
Improving and protecting South African research publishing is at the core of a consensus study released today by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). Addressing new possibilities and challenges which have arisen and were exacerbated with the advent of open science, the study, entitled Twelve Years Later: Second ASSAf Report on Research Publishing in and from South Africa (2018)highlights the main issues and unresolved problems still remaining in the system despite...