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The Department of Trade and Industry and the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) cordially invites you to the panel session titled Industrial Parks as Supportive Environments for STI Collaborations under the theme Enabling Science and Innovation Collaboration.

  Date:   4 December 2019

  Venue:   CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria

  Time:   17:30 – 19:00

  RSVP:   Click link

Industrial parks have traditionally been seen to support regional socioeconomic and industrial development. Parks form part of generally accepted approaches that include economic zones, incentives, policies and other interventions. South Africa has followed a similar approach and current activities include the dti’s industrial parks revitalisation programme and its SEZ programme and support programmes by dti and DSI for example to support innovation and technology commercialisation.

Current work related to industrial parks includes a range of interventions that build on partnerships and collaboration to support RDI, climate resilience, cleaner production, sustainability, skills development, supplier and SME programmes, improved operations and more efficient and value-added service delivery.

This session hosts a conversation about current status, experiences, learning and out of the box ideas on where industrial parks can support collaboration in STI. It is intended to foster alignment in thinking, coordination in planning and implementation and further develop networks and relationships aimed at achieving win-win outcomes. It will also explore new opportunities and share insights into factors that may impact success or failure of such a programme.

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