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The Africa - EU AERAP science platform will organise a virtual conference on the 9-10 September 2020. Entitled “A New Era for Africa-EU Science and Innovation Partnerships”, the meeting will bring together scientists, innovators, policymakers and other key stakeholders. AERAP has widened its scope to serve as an engagement platform for Africa-EU science and innovation partnerships.

The objectives of the conference will include the following:

  • Enable and promote discussion on issues were science and innovation can make a contribution to Africa-EU cooperation, in light of the EU’s Africa strategy;
  • Support awareness of key instruments to support Africa-EU science and innovation cooperation and partnerships;
  • Encourage dialogue between  policymakers and scientists;
  • Increase the level and range of science and innovation inclusive partnerships between EU and Africa;
  • Explore alignment between EU-Africa cooperation United Nations SDGs including supporting the awareness of and contribution of science to the UN SDGs.

The virtual conference on the 9th-10th of September will bring together representatives from Africa nations and EU member state.

The announcement is available here :

One of the parallel session will deal with the topic how to foster research and innovation for the Life Sciences in Africa, amongst others by strengthening African – European cooperation. The session will take place from 12.30 h – 13.30 h CET on September 9th.


Jeffrey Mphahlele, Vice President for Research, South African Medical Research Council
Bernd Halling, International Affairs, Bayer  


Dr Nicaise Ndembi, CDC Africa (tbc)

Prof. Steve Runo,  Senior Lecturer and Chairman Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Kenyatta University

Godwin Nana Yaw Lemgo, Regulatory Scientific Affairs Lead Africa, Bayer

Dir Emmanuel Okogbenin, Director Program Development & Commercialisation, AATF

The session will discuss the potential for Life Sciences to meet African needs in health and agricultural production as well as the role of EU-AU cooperation in defining a new partnership on research and innovation. The AU-EU High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) will play a role in building this partnership. However, it is also key to ensure “African solutions to African problems”, when developing a research agenda for Life Sciences for the continent.

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