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A proceedings report on the symposium Technological Innovations for a Low Carbon Society was published in May 2013 and launched at an event that marked the signing of a memorandum of understanding between ASSAf and Leopoldina. The challenge of finding sustainable, low carbon solutions to a global problem, such as climate change, is pertinent for both Germany and South Africa, notwithstanding their different develop- mental stages and different socio-economic and political contexts.

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Technological Innovations for a Low Carbon Society

Title: Proceedings Report: Technological Innovations for a Low Carbon Society Conference
Published by: Academy of Science of South Africa
Publication date: May 2013
Publication Type: Proceedings Report
Aims/Objectives: Themes addressed included the energy-water-food nexus for resilient societies; low cost, low carbon innovations for poverty alleviation; smart city innovations; new and emerging technologies, such as carbon capture and storage and The Beauti-fuel Project aimed at converting biomass to liquid fuel, and the potential for solar power in South Africa.
Collaborators: Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) and German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

Full report available here: PDF



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