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The Scholarly Publishing Programme (SPP) is regarded as a major intervention within the National System of Innovation (NSI) in South Africa. The strategic goal of the SPP is to enhance the national capacity to produce and publish research, on the one hand, and to increase the quality and visibility of South African research publications, on the other. The SPP is overseen by the Academy’s Standing Committee on Scholarly Publishing in South Africa (CSPiSA), chaired by Prof Robin Crewe. More information available here

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SPP Communiques
June 2017 Communique
March 2017 Communique
January 2017 Communique
September 2016 Communique 
June 2016 Communique
March 2016 Communique
January 2016 Communique

Open Science (incl. Open Data) – according to Foster – “is the practice of science in such a way that others can collaborate and contribute, where research data, lab notes and other research processes are freely available, under terms that enable reuse, redistribution and reproduction of the research and its underlying data and methods.”

The ASSAf Research Repository is an institutional platform, providing open access to all research products by ASSAf, thereby increasing its usage, visibility and impact. At the same time it serves as a digital archive for the digital preservation of all ASSAf knowledge products since 2015, into the unforeseeable future.  

This repository contains both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed publications and event outputs by ASSAf and its members (e.g. ASSAf Consensus Study Reports, ASSAf Workshop Proceedings and Other Reports, ASSAf Policymakers' Booklets, Quest: Science for South Africa, ASSAf Statements, webinar recordings, etc.) Access the ASSAf Research Repository here.

Khulisa Journals is a federated journal management platform, using the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) Open Journal Systems (OJS) open source software. “Khulisa” is a word in the Nguni languages that are indigenous to southern and eastern Africa. It means “to grow or foster the development of a person or community”. This is exactly what we would like to achieve through this platform, namely to grow the peer-reviewed open access scholarly journals in South Africa through the Khulisa Journals community. The platform is managed and hosted by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), and international best practices regarding scholarly publishing are applied. SciELO SA journals in need of a journal management platform make use of Khulisa Journals. The following peer-reviewed open access journals are currently included on this platform:

African Entomology (Open Access from 2022)
Clean Air Journal
Journal of Energy in Southern Africa
Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal
South African Crime Quarterly
South African Dental Journal
South African Journal of Agricultural Extension
South African Journal of Science
South African Journal of Sports Medicine
Tydskrif vir Letterkunde

The Khulisa Journals platform can be accessed here.

The NSBPF focuses on scholarly book publishing in South Africa and was inaugurated in 2011.

Improving and protecting South African research publishing is at the core of a consensus study released by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). Addressing new possibilities and challenges which have arisen and were exacerbated with the advent of open science, the study, entitled Twelve Years Later: Second ASSAf Report on Research Publishing in and from South Africa (2018) highlights the main issues and unresolved problems still remaining in the system despite progress.

The Scholarly Publishing Unit carries out peer review and associated quality audits of all South African research journals in 5-year cycles. This is done in relation to groups of titles sharing a particular broad disciplinary focus in order to make recommendations for improved functioning of each journal in the national and international system.

scielobreSciELO South Africa is an open-access (free to access and free to publish) searchable database of selected, high quality South African scholarly journals. The project is inspired by a global movement towards the implementation of online journals, pioneered by the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) project, based in Brazil.

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