About the South African OWSD National Chapter

The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) hosts to the South African OWSD National Chapter, which was established in 2009 on the sidelines of the TWAS General Assembly and General Conference that it hosted. The National Chapter is constituted by a group of OWSD members (individuals and/or institutions) that fully support the objectives and activities of OWSD, and aim to enhance and promote female participation in S&T professions, in scientific leadership, and in the decision-making processes at the national level. The National Chapter aims to:

  1. Create networking, advocacy and information provision opportunities between similar organisations and individuals for promoting increased participation of girls and women in S&T professions in South Africa;
  2. Work towards strengthening national S&T activities in the spirit of co-operation among women in scientists in South Africa and the SADC region;
  3. Initiate activities which address national concerns working with all levels of society;
  4. Evolve and develop strategies for mobilising financial and human resources towards achieving OWSD’s objectives.