Awarded RFQ's

YearAmountBid NumberDescriptionSuccessful Bidder
2022R30 000 and belowRFQ: 21June2022/IIDDDMPlatformDesign & Layout and Printing of the Proceedings Report: The District Development Model as a Platform for Innovation for InclusivityInyosi
2022R500 000 and aboveRFQ/Admin/21April2022Appointment of External Auditor for Financial Year 2021 – 2022RAiN Chartered Accountants
2022R30 000 and above20/Feb/2022/EditorEditorial servicesWrite Connection
2022R30 000 and aboveRFQ: 28/February/2022/QUESTQUEST DistributionProSource
2022R30 000 and aboveRFQ: 28/February/2022/QUEST Design and LayoutQUEST – Design and LayoutGarnett Design
2022R30 000 and aboveRFQ: 28February/2022/QUESTPrintQUEST Printing Seriti
2021R30 000 and belowRFQ:8July2021/AnnualReportDesign ASSAf Annual Report 2020/2021Garnett Design
2021R30 000 and belowRFQ:29April2021/IID3DPrintingConceptsDesign & Layout and Printing of the Proceedings Report: Exploring the Prospects of using 3D Printing Technology in South African Human SettlementsUVO
2021R30 000 and belowRFQ:12Mrch21PresidentialEmploymentDesign, layout and print Presidential Employment Stimulus: Research Opportunities Proceedings ReportGarnett Design
2021R30 000 and belowRFQ/2March/2021/EditingRootCausesEditing of Root Causes of Low Vaccination Coverage and Under-Immunisation in SS Africa ReportYes Direct
2021R30 000 and belowRFQ15February2021/ShaleGasCopy editing of report - Shale gas Science Action PlanJanine Smith Editorial Services(JSES)
2021R30 000 and belowRFQ/18Feb/2021/Root CausesDesign, Layout Root Causes of Low Vaccination Coverage and Under-Immunisation in SS AfricaLedcool
2021R30 000 and below RFQ/12Feb/2021/HPP ReviewDesign, Layout HPP Peer Review Report Sun Media
202130 000 and aboveRFQ: 9July21/documentaryNSWWomen in science: NSW 2021 - Production of 30 minute documentary (video)EDBOOK
202130 000 and aboveRFQ:25Mrch21TelecommunicationTechnologiesDesign & layout Evaluation of Alternative Telecommunication Technologies for the Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Area45th Media
202130 000 and aboveRFQ/1/March/2021ResearchConduct a Policy Research StudyQuantitative Evidence Research
202130 000 and aboveRFQ: 23/November/2020/EditorCopy editing of ASSAf Reports and DocumentationWrite Connection
202130 000 and aboveRFQ5/Feb/2021/ASSAfEnhancement of Quest: Science for South Africa websiteBlue Computer Technologies
202130 000 and aboveRFQ2/Feb/2021/ASSAfMigration of Archival SAJS issues to Khulisa Journals PlatformNason Bimbe
202130 000 and above1February2021/KarooCentralAstronomyCopy editing of report on Evaluation of Alternative Telecommunication Technologies for the Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage AreaUVO Communication
2021R500 000 and aboveRFQ:27/Aug/2021/AdminAPPOINTMENT OF INTERNAL AUDITORS FOR A PERIOD OF FIVE (5) YEARSMNB Chartered Accountants
2020R30 000 and below 11March2020/Print IID Printing of 3 IID reportsUVO
2020R30 000 and below 11 March2020/Reprint Neonicotinoids Reprint NeonicotinoidsUVO
2020R30 000 and below21/JAN/2020 IOPMShuttle services: Science for Development workshopUlysses
2020R30 000 and below17January2020/Marketing Material-6 branded tablecloths Msomi
202030 000 and above22/09/2020 Technical Support: Khulisa JournalsTechnical Support: Khulisa JournalsNason Bimbe
202030 000 and aboveRFQ17/04/2020 Design and Layout: SAJSSAJS Design and LayoutSun Media
202030 000 and above19March/2020/QUEST DistributionQUEST DistributionProscource
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/13/11/219/DiplomacySUPPLY AND DELIVER CONFERENCE MATERIAL Diplomacy WorkshopDouble Option
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/4/October/2019/ STIDESIGN and LAYOUT 2019 White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Proceedings ReportLedcool
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/9/September/2019/DESIGN AND LAYOUT AND PDF version for webPrintetc
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ17/September/2019/ASSAfDesign, Layout and PrintingPrintetc
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/5/September/2019/JESAPrinted material and gifts for JESAPrintetc
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/5/Aug/2019Renewal of Office 365 A3 for faculty (Microsoft Volume license subscription)Moleprop
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ: 14/08/2019/AdminDesign, set-up and supply X1 Engraved (double-sided) 18ct, 38mm diameter goldmedals in a wooden presentation box (plus delivery in Pretoria).Cre8or Global Com
2019R30 000 and belowFQ/5/Aug/2019/IIDDesign and Layout: Intellectual Property for Grassroots Innovation Proceedings ReportGarnett Design
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/22/July/2019/ISCSupply of one (1) 2.5-inch 1TB WD BLUE SSD DriveSIHARA GROUP
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/1/July/2019/AdminSupply of ESET Endpoint Protection Standard Licence Renewal Introstat
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/5June2019/AdminSupply fortiGate license renewalMasia Communications
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/31/May2019/ISCSupply HP NotebookTech Team Solution
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/6/May/2019/ADMIN10 X Snom D120 voIP Telephone handsets (Black)REDEFINE IT SOLUTIONS
2019R30 000 and below24/April/2019/AdminMicrosoft LicencesPC Palace
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ/22/Feb/2019/ASSAfSAYAS Proceedings ReportLedCool
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ29/Jan/2019/DiasporaDiaspora ColloquimKashan Advertising
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ5/Feb/2019/ DAMINBiennial ReportLane Print and Marketing
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ29/Jan/2019/IFDInfectious DiseasesGarnett
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ18/Feb/2019/ASSAfScience ReportLane Print and Marketing
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ5/Feb/2019/ DAMINInstallation of Network PointsKatleho Tech
2019R30 000 and below13/12/2018/ADMIN  ResearchMichelle Buchler and ASS
2019R30 000 and belowRFQ 23/Jan/2019/OWSDSADC Booklets Uvo Communication
2019R30 000 and above5/December/2019/GenderInsite2 1. Reprint of SADC Gender in STI Fact Sheets (pdf supplied) 2. Design and production of executive pull-up banner 3 Reprint of Pathways booklet (pdf supplied)  Double Option
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ/10/Sept/2019Supply Scribe ServicesWrite Connection
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ16/August/2019 Lindau -Advertorial placementMail and Guardian
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ19/July/2019/AdminSupply and Deliver: Multi-Function DeviceSBD Business Systems
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ21/Jun/2019/ASSAfPrintingSereti
2019R30 000 and above24/April/2019/AnnualReportAnnual ReportGarnett
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ/25/Jan/2019/AdminLegendsSereti
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ/7March/Sewing/2019/LindauSewingDouble Option
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ : /March/beadwork/2019/LindauBeadworkGarnett Design
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ/1/March2019/QUESQuest DistributionProsource
2019R30 000 and aboveRFQ15/Jan/2019 ADMINMedia MonitoringNovus Group
2018R30 000 and aboveFRQ 24/Jan/2019ADMINAnnual Performance Plan (APP)Garnet Design
2018R30 000 and aboveRFQ/20/Sept/2018/PAPDesign, Layout and Print of: HUMAN GENETICS CONSENSUS STUDY Ledcool
2018R30 000 and below10/9/2018AwardsDécor for the 2018 ASSAf Annual AwardsDecor4U
2018R30 000 and below27/08/2018/SAYASDesign and Layout: Food Security Symposium, Proceedings Report Food Security Symposium, Proceedings ReportLedCool
2018R30 000 and belowRFQ/17/August/2018/AOSPProduction And Delivery Of Beaded Lanyards And PouchesGalo City
2018R30 000 and below27/08/2018/ SPUDesign and Layout: Second ASSAf Report on Research Publishing In and From South Africa (2018)LedCool
2018R30 000 and aboveRFQ/18June /2018/AdminSupply: Renewal of ESETA LicencesKatleho Tech Pty LtD
2018R30 000 and aboveRFQ 31/May2018/AdminSupply: Renewal of Fortigate Firewall LicencesNeo Technologies
2018R30 000 and belowRFQ/30/MAY/2018/PAPPost Grduate Engineering ReportSeriti
2018R30 000 and belowRFQ/30/MAY/2018/PAPDesign and Layout: Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Proceedings ReportLedCool
2018R30 000 and aboveRFQ/07/MAY/2018SAJSDesign and Layout: South African Journal of ScienceSun Media
2018R30 000 and aboveRFQ5/12/2017Printing QuestRed Pencil
2018R30 000 and above06/04/2018 AdminSupply of HP and Lenovo laptopsAptronics
2018R30 000 and above27/March/2018/ANNUAL REPORTDesign and Print ASSAF ANNUAL REPORT 2018/19Garnett Design
2018R30 000 and below15/ March/2018/ LiaisonDesign and print of Programme and Name tagsOranje
2018R30 000 and above05/12/2017 QuestDistribution: Quest MagazineProsource
2018R30 000 and above 05/12/2017 QuestDesign and layout: Quest MagazineSun Media
2018R30 000 and below26/01/2018 SAPDesign, layout and print: Health Professionals Education Consensus StudyLedcool
2018R30 000 and below14/2/2018 ADMINDesign and production of corporate bannersMsomi Africa
2018R30 000 and below26/01/2018 SAPPrinting: AET Consensus Study ConciseLedcool
2018R30 000 and below29/Jan/2018/AdminASSAf Annual Preformance Plan: PrintingSeriti
2018R30 000 and below23 Jan2018 ComPromotional MaterialMsomi Africa
2018R30 000 and above05/12/2017 AdminMedia Monitoring ServiceNewsclip
2018R30 000 and below21/11/2017Storage room partitioningAfrican Skynet Technology (PTY) Ltd
2018R30 000 and below17/11/2017 Admin Purchase of laptopMegamart
2018R30 000 and below 22/09/2017 Admin Quotation for a LaptopPC Palace
2018R30 000 and above 11/10 2017 Shale GasDesign and layoutSun Media Bloemfontein
2018R30 000 and below 24/10/2017 YSC 2017Design and layoutDouble Options
2018R30 000 and below16/11/2017/ Science Business 2017Design and layoutMsomi Africa
2017R30 000 and below 22/09/2017 AdminQuotation for a LaptopVukani technologies
2017R30 000 and below11/10 2017 Shale GasDesign and layoutSun Media Bloemfontein
2017R30 000 and below24/10/2017 YSC 2017Design and layoutDouble Options
2017R30 000 and above16/11/2017/ Science Business 2017Design, layout and PrintMsomi Africa