ASSAf’s Committee on Scholarly Publishing in South Africa: NOMINATIONS/CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS

The Academy of Science of South Africa is calling for volunteers from amongst its Members and/or to invite nominations of persons who would like to serve for its next term on the ASSAf Committee on Scholarly Publications in South Africa (CSPiSA). Both ASSAf Members and nominees proposed by them, are eligible for selection by the Academy Council to serve on the Committee.

The full terms of reference of the CSPiSA are attached; in summary they are:

1. The Committee shall take as its points of departure the two ASSAf Consensus Reports in this domain, viz. “Research Publishing in South Africa” (concerning mainly journal-based publications) and “Scholarly Books: Their Production, Use and Evaluation in South Africa”. It shall, however, consider these Reports as time-bound and contextual, and constantly take stock of new developments in the focus and related fields.

2. The Committee shall advise the ASSAf Council, pro-actively and responsively, on strategic approaches to developing the Academy’s role in significantly enhancing the national (and continental, through inter-academy partnerships) capacity for high-level scholarship, training and research development as well as internationally recognised contributions, while guiding and overseeing the implementation of the kinds of functions described in the recommendations made in the above-mentioned two ASSAf Reports.

1. Nomination Process

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CSPiSA or wish to nominate another suitable person(s), please submit a nomination form(s), and a brief motivation(s) and a recent curriculum vitae/vitarum, only by email, by no later than 23 September 2011, under the subject title of “Nominations, ASSAf Committee on Scholarly Publishing in South Africa”, to Thabo Radebe on email:

If you wish to make any enquiries about the context or the details, please direct them to Mrs. Susan Veldsman at 012 349 6611 or

ASSAf CSPiSA_Terms of Reference
Nomination Form for ASSAf CSPiSA Membership

Kind regards,
Yours sincerely,

Professor Wieland Gevers
Chairperson, CSPiSA