The benefits that the Academy aspires to bring to South Africa (and the wider world) are the sustainable provision of a professionally managed organisation that can mobilise the best intellect, expertise and experience.

These are used to investigate and provide evidence-based solutions to national problems; inspiration and example in science and technology, applied for the benefit of society; international connectedness at the highest level of knowledge and insight; and facilitation of public understanding of the nature, scope and value of the scientific and technological enterprise.

The mission of the Academy is to:

  • Recognise scholarly achievement and excellence in the application of scientific thinking for the benefit of society;
  • Mobilise Members to ensure that they are available to contribute their expertise in the service of society;
  • Conduct systematic and evidence-based studies on issues of national importance, producing authoritative reports that have significant impact on policy-making;
  • Promote the development of an indigenous system of South African research publications, increasing their quality, visibility, accessibility and impact;
  • Publish science-focused periodicals that will showcase the best of southern African research to a wide national and international audience;
  • Develop productive partnerships with national, regional and international organisations with a view to building our capacity in science and its application within the National System of Innovation (NSI);
  • Create diversified sources of funding for sustainable functioning and growth of a national academy;
  • Communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders through various media and fora.

The relevance of the Academy in the context of national policy frameworks and initiatives is that it strives to achieve the purposes of its enabling Act of Parliament through a public domain, multi-year strategic plan. It subscribes to the intentions and recommendations of the White Paper on Science and Technology and the National Research and Development Strategy, and the Ten-Year Innovation Plan.