STEM “Mind the Gap” Forum

List of Abstracts

(In alphabetical order as per author’s surname and/or first author’s surname)

  Title Author(s) Link to paper/presentation
1. Addressing the school-university physics practical skills gap I. Basson Paper
2. ‘Stacked qualifications’: The case for a ‘working class highway’ to intermediate and high level skills A. Bird Paper
3. Smoothing the transition? Developing a philosophical foundation for Chemistry M.A.L. Blackie Paper
4. The impact of NSC mathematics on student performance in mathematics in first-year engineering programmes: Where does the gap lie? B.I. Collier-Reed, N. Wolmarans and R. Smit Paper – Presentation
5. To stream or not to stream: An academic development perspective T.S. Craig, K. Nathoo Presentation
6. How ready are OBE trained students for university mathematics? J. C. Engelbrecht, A. F. Harding Presentation
7.  Design of the Engineering Augmented Degree Programme at the University of Pretoria  D.J. Grayson Paper – Presentation
8. ”Becoming a physicist’: The implementation of a research based physics course in an extended curriculum programme  M.S. Herbert, T.S. Volkwyn, R. Maclons, C.H. Conana and D. Marshall Paper
9. Strategic and conceptual challenges experienced by first-year students while attempting to solve problems that require mathematical modelling  C. Human, A. Hofmeyr, P. Human, N. Makae, and P. van Koersveld Paper
10. Comparability of NSC mathematics scores and former SC mathematics scores: How consistent is the signal across time? K. Hunt, M. Ntuli, N.A. Rankin, V. Schöer and C. Sebastiao Paper – Presentation
11. Language in Engineering and the Built Environment: examining student problems and impacts E. Hurst Paper – Presentation
12. A Framework for the appropriate placement of first year students in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Programmes at a comprehensive South African Higher Education Institution (HEI) M Jacobs and G.P de Bruin Paper – Presentation
13. Foundation Science Student Performance explained. Insight gained at UKZN N.F. Kirby Paper – Presentation
14. Integrating Thinking Skills into Subject Content to Improve Engineering Learners’ Problem Solving Abilities K. Loji Paper – Presentation
15.  Toward improving the Academic Performance of National Diploma Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics 2 students C. Louwa, & K.J. Mammen Presentation
16.  From Eersterivier to a PhD: Bridging the Gap S. Malan; M. Marnewick; E Lourens Paper
17. Minding the gap: Identifying risk profiles of first-time entrants for the Diploma in Nature Conservation at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology B. Mckenzie and J.I. Kioko Paper – Presentation
18. A study of the possible existence, causes and effects of the Mathematical Knowledge Gap between High School and First Year University MathematicsProgrammes and Possible Remedies for the Situation at UNIVEN: A case study S. Moyo Paper
19. Conceptual gain in first-year chemistry: is the gap addressed effectively? M. Potgieter Paper
20. Student voice in ‘the transition to university’ problem R. Smit and N. Wolmarans Paper  – Presentation
21. From Hero to Zero … and back? The journey of first year access students in mainstream programmes M.M.Vosloo and S. Blignaut Paper – Presentation
22. Minding gaps within ‘the bubble’: challenges of unusually many underprepared electrical engineering students S. Winberg Paper – Presentation
23. Flexible pacing: Aiding students to adapt to the complexities of multidisciplinary Higher Education K. Wolff Paper – Presentation
24. Student conceptions of civil engineering in an Engineering 1 course N. Wolmarans and C. Shaw Paper
25. Responsiveness to the ‘Academic Literacies Gap’ in Engineering – how far have we come and where to from here? C. Jacobs Paper