Sydney Brenner Fellowships

The award was established when Dr Sydney Brenner donated a portion of his 2002 Nobel Prize to ASSAf to permit ASSAf (in partnership with the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust) to offer a prestigious postdoctoral Fellowship for research in molecular biology to be undertaken in South Africa over two years by an outstanding young scientist.

The emphasis in the selection is on the excellence of the academic track record; evidence of unusual creativity and ingenuity in addressing scientific problems; both the novelty and feasibility of the proposed approach; and the quality, adequacy and appropriateness of the host environment.

The Sydney Brenner Fellowship programme has been suspended with effect from 2017.

 2015 2016
Dorit Hockman and Justin Nono Komguep
Anna Coussens
Mohlopheni Jackson Marakalala
Samantha Barichievy
Zenda Woodman & Shaheen Mowla
Darren Martin