Towards a Low Carbon City: Focus on Durban

Climate change is one of the most significant global issues of our time. Its importance to the continent of Africa rests on the vulnerability of its population to the impacts of climate change and the potential threat that it poses to sustatianable development. South Africa, in addition to being vulnerable to the effects, is also a major contributor to climate change, through the dependence of the country on fossil feuls, primarily coal. Cities recognised as major contributors to climate change as they are densely populate areas with high levels of energy-use. 

LCCTitle: Towards a Low Carbon City: Focus on Durban
Published by: Academy of Science of South Africa
Publication date: May 2011
Publication Type: Evidence-based study
Aims/Objectives: This report on Towards a Low Carbon City: Focus on Durban aims to address both mitigation and adaptation opportunities for the city of Durban. The critical issue of transitioning to a low carbon city in the face of serious unemployment and the need for economic development is addressed by emphasising the need to shift to a green economy.
Collaborators: Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) and the eThekweni Municipality 
Full report available here: PDF