State of Science in South Africa

ASSAf is ideally positioned to provide regular assessments of the state of science in South Africa, given its ability to draw on the expertise of its Members and its reputation as an impartial and credible voice.

In 2008, ASSAf published a book on “The State of Science in South Africa”, which was prepared for the hosting of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) conference. It provided an overview of traditional science disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc.

ASSAf is in the process of updating this book and is intending to publish a second book on The State of Science in South Africa in 2016. It will also include reviews of new and emerging disciplines, the relationship between disciplines and the requirements of the National Development Plan (NDP), and the preparedness of South African researchers to respond to the global research agenda.

A report on the “State of the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) System in South Africa” was completed for the DST in 2014.