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R30 000 and below    
RFQ:8July2021/AnnualReport Design ASSAf Annual Report 2020/2021 Garnett Design
RFQ:29April2021/IID3DPrintingConcepts Design & Layout and Printing of the Proceedings Report: Exploring the Prospects of using 3D Printing Technology in South African Human Settlements UVO
RFQ:12Mrch21PresidentialEmployment Design, layout and print Presidential Employment Stimulus: Research Opportunities Proceedings Report

Garnett Design

RFQ/2March/2021/EditingRootCauses Editing of Root Causes of Low Vaccination Coverage and Under-Immunisation in SS Africa Report Yes Direct
RFQ15February2021/ShaleGas Copy editing of report – Shale gas Science Action Plan Janine Smith Editorial Services(JSES)
RFQ/18Feb/2021/Root Causes Design, Layout Root Causes of Low Vaccination Coverage and Under-Immunisation in SS Africa Ledcool
 RFQ/12Feb/2021/HPP Review Design, Layout HPP Peer Review Report  Sun Media
R30 000 and above    
RFQ: 9July21/documentaryNSW Women in science: NSW 2021 – Production of 30 minute documentary (video) EDBOOK
RFQ:25Mrch21TelecommunicationTechnologies Design & layout Evaluation of Alternative Telecommunication Technologies for the Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Area 45th Media
RFQ/1/March/2021Research Conduct a Policy Research Study

Quantitative Evidence Research

RFQ: 23/November/2020/Editor Copy editing of ASSAf Reports and Documentation

Write Connection

RFQ5/Feb/2021/ASSAf Enhancement of Quest: Science for South Africa website Blue Computer Technologies
RFQ2/Feb/2021/ASSAf Migration of Archival SAJS issues to Khulisa Journals Platform Nason Bimbe
1February2021/KarooCentralAstronomy Copy editing of report on Evaluation of Alternative Telecommunication Technologies for the Karoo Central Astronomy Advantage Area UVO Communication
R500 000 and above

MNB Chartered Accountants

R30 000 and below    
 11March2020/Print IID  Printing of 3 IID reports UVO
 11 March2020/Reprint Neonicotinoids  Reprint Neonicotinoids UVO
21/JAN/2020 IOPM Shuttle services: Science for Development workshop Ulysses
17January2020/Marketing Material -6 branded tablecloths
-1 design and production of executive pull-up banner
R30 000 and above  
22/09/2020 Technical Support: Khulisa Journals Technical Support: Khulisa Journals Nason Bimbe
RFQ17/04/2020 Design and Layout: SAJS SAJS Design and Layout Sun Media
19March/2020/QUEST Distribution QUEST Distribution Proscource
19March/2020/QUEST Design and layout of Quest magazine  Garnett 
FQ16March/2020/EducationReview Education Review Report Sun Media
 RFQ/6FEB/2020LINDAU Science Writer Needed for Lindau Alumni Booklet  Neil Butcher and Associates
5 Feb 2020/Admin and Governance Media Monitoring Services – 3 year contract Market IQ
RFQ/11/12/2019QUEST Supply and Print QUEST Magazine Seriti
11March2020/APP and SP Printing and delivery of APP and SP Msomi
R30 000 and below
RFQ/13/11/219/Diplomacy SUPPLY AND DELIVER CONFERENCE MATERIAL Diplomacy Workshop Double Option
RFQ/4/October/2019/ STI DESIGN and LAYOUT 2019 White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Proceedings Report Ledcool
RFQ/9/September/2019/ DESIGN AND LAYOUT AND PDF version for web Printetc
RFQ17/September/2019/ASSAf Design, Layout and Printing Printetc
RFQ/5/September/2019/JESA Printed material and gifts for JESA Printetc
RFQ/5/Aug/2019 Renewal of Office 365 A3 for faculty (Microsoft Volume license subscription) Moleprop
RFQ: 14/08/2019/Admin Design, set-up and supply X1 Engraved (double-sided) 18ct, 38mm diameter goldmedals in a wooden presentation box (plus delivery in Pretoria).

Cre8or Global Com

FQ/5/Aug/2019/IID Design and Layout: Intellectual Property for Grassroots Innovation Proceedings Report Garnett Design
RFQ/22/July/2019/ISC Supply of one (1) 2.5-inch 1TB WD BLUE SSD Drive SIHARA GROUP
RFQ/1/July/2019/Admin Supply of ESET Endpoint Protection Standard Licence Renewal  Introstat
RFQ/5June2019/Admin Supply fortiGate license renewal Masia Communications
RFQ/31/May2019/ISC Supply HP Notebook Tech Team Solution
RFQ/6/May/2019/ADMIN 10 X Snom D120 voIP Telephone handsets (Black) REDEFINE IT SOLUTIONS
24/April/2019/Admin Microsoft Licences PC Palace
RFQ/22/Feb/2019/ASSAf SAYAS Proceedings Report LedCool
RFQ29/Jan/2019/Diaspora Diaspora Colloquim Kashan Advertising
RFQ5/Feb/2019/ DAMIN Biennial Report Lane Print and Marketing
RFQ29/Jan/2019/IFD Infectious Diseases Garnett
RFQ18/Feb/2019/ASSAf Science Report

Lane Print and Marketing

RFQ5/Feb/2019/ DAMIN Installation of Network Points

Katleho Tech

13/12/2018/ADMIN   Research Michelle Buchler and ASS
RFQ 23/Jan/2019/OWSD SADC Booklets  Uvo Communication
R30 000 and above
5/December/2019/GenderInsite2  1. Reprint of SADC Gender in STI Fact Sheets (pdf supplied) 2. Design and production of executive pull-up banner 3 Reprint of Pathways booklet (pdf supplied)  Double Option
RFQ/10/Sept/2019 Supply Scribe Services Write Connection
RFQ16/August/2019  Lindau -Advertorial placement Mail and Guardian
RFQ19/July/2019/Admin Supply and Deliver: Multi-Function Device SBD Business Systems
RFQ21/Jun/2019/ASSAf Printing Sereti
24/April/2019/AnnualReport Annual Report Garnett
RFQ/25/Jan/2019/Admin Legends Sereti
RFQ/7March/Sewing/2019/Lindau Sewing Double Option
RFQ : /March/beadwork/2019/Lindau Beadwork Garnett Design
RFQ/1/March2019/QUES Quest Distribution Prosource
RFQ15/Jan/2019 ADMIN Media Monitoring Novus Group
FRQ 24/Jan/2019ADMIN Annual Performance Plan (APP) Garnet Design
RFQ/20/Sept/2018/PAP Design, Layout and Print of: HUMAN GENETICS CONSENSUS STUDY Ledcool
10/9/2018Awards Décor for the 2018 ASSAf Annual Awards Decor4U
27/08/2018/SAYAS Design and Layout: Food Security Symposium, Proceedings Report Food Security Symposium, Proceedings Report LedCool
RFQ/17/August/2018/AOSP Production And Delivery Of Beaded Lanyards And Pouches Galo City
27/08/2018/ SPU Design and Layout: Second ASSAf Report on Research Publishing In and From South Africa (2018)ASSAf Report on Research Publishing In and From South Africa (2018) LedCool
RFQ/18June /2018/Admin Supply: Renewal of ESETA Licences Katleho Tech Pty LtD
RFQ 31/May2018/Admin Supply: Renewal of Fortigate Firewall Licences Neo Technologies
RFQ/30/MAY/2018/PAP Post Grduate Engineering Report Seriti
RFQ/30/MAY/2018/PAP Design and Layout: Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Proceedings Report LedCool
RFQ/07/MAY/2018SAJS Design and Layout: South African Journal of Science Sun Media
RFQ5/12/2017 Printing Quest Red Pencil
06/04/2018 Admin Supply of HP and Lenovo laptops Aptronics
27/March/2018/ANNUAL REPORT Design and Print ASSAF ANNUAL REPORT 2018/19 Garnett Design
15/ March/2018/ Liaison Design and print of Programme and Name tags Oranje
05/12/2017 Quest Distribution: Quest Magazine Prosource
 05/12/2017 Quest Design and layout: Quest Magazine Sun Media
26/01/2018 SAP Design, layout and print: Health Professionals Education Consensus Study Ledcool
14/2/2018 ADMIN Design and production of corporate banners Msomi Africa
26/01/2018 SAP Printing: AET Consensus Study Concise Ledcool
29/Jan/2018/Admin ASSAf Annual Preformance Plan: Printing Seriti
23 Jan2018 Com Promotional Material Msomi Africa
05/12/2017 Admin Media Monitoring Service Newsclip
21/11/2017 Storage room partitioning African Skynet Technology (PTY) Ltd
17/11/2017 Admin  Purchase of laptop Megamart
 22/09/2017 Admin  Quotation for a Laptop PC Palace
 11/10 2017 Shale Gas Design and layout Sun Media Bloemfontein
 24/10/2017 YSC 2017 Design and layout Double Options
16/11/2017/ Science Business 2017 Design and layout Msomi Africa


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 22/09/2017 Admin

Quotation for a Laptop

Vukani technologies

11/10 2017 Shale Gas

Design and layout

Sun Media Bloemfontein

24/10/2017 YSC 2017

Design and layout

Double Options

16/11/2017/ Science Business 2017

Design, layout and Print

Msomi Africa