Webinar on Research Organization Registry (ROR)

ROR is a community-led project to develop an open, sustainable, usable, and unique identifier for every research organisation in the world. ASSAf hosted a webinar on Research Organization Registry (ROR) on 26 August 2020. Research Organization Registry was launched in 2019 and now contains open persistent identifiers (ROR IDs) and associated metadata for more than 98,000 research organisations around the world. ROR focuses on solving the specific problem of how to identify the organisations associated with published research outputs, and on solving this problem with open infrastructure and with extensive community input. Wide adoption of ROR across the research landscape is key to enabling clean, consistent, and open metadata for tracking research outputs by institutions. The webinar provided an overview of the ROR registry, demonstrated how ROR IDs are being used and integrated, and discussed upcoming milestones for the project.

The webinar was presented by Maria Gould, Product Manager and Research Data Specialist at California Digital Library at the University of California, where she leads a portfolio of innovative projects and initiatives.

Does your organisation have a ROR ID yet? Visit https://ror.org/ to find out.