DAY 2: The benefits of engaging different publics in science festivals

DAY 2: The benefits of engaging different publics in science festivals


As a form of public engagement, science festivals have rapidly expanded in size and number over recent years. However, as with other domains of informal public engagement that are not linked to policy outcomes, existing research does not fully address science festivals’ impacts and popularity (Jensen, 2012). This webinar will seek to elucidate the perspectives of a large science festival organiser in Limpopo and the North-West. The webinar will investigate how visitors value the opportunities afforded by the science festival to interact with scientific researchers and to encounter different types of science engagement aimed at adults, children, and families.

To show the value of science festivals in science promotion and popularisation.

Mr. Moabelo

Mr Bushy Moabelo, Eding International Science Festival


Mr Moabelo holds a BSc (Physics and Chemical Sciences) and a B Com (Quantitative Management). He was involved in initiatives from 2005 – 2008 such as excursions, career expos in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, one of such was Kgothe-Kgothe that reached over 50 000 learners. From 2008 – 2013 he successfully ran a commercial-management-law expo. In 2008 till present, commissioned a successful Eding International Science Festival with the assistance of SAASTA.