RFQ11 November/2021/Copyright Amendment Bill Proceedings Report

Copyright Amendment Bill Proceedings Report
Deliverable – PDF for WEB
Size: A4
EST: 31 pp + Cover

  • Concept, design, and development of report cover
  • Graphic design and layout of content
  • Supply of all stock photography
  • Redraw ofgraphics/diagrams
  • Supply of 4X colour proof sets

Deadline for quote: *******

Delivery: TBC
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Submissions to be directed to scm@assaf.org.za

The evaluation criteria will be based on compliance, specifications and where
applicable 80/20 PPPFA price point’s evaluation


  • Original/Certified B-BBEE status level verification certificate/Sworn affidavit must be submitted in order to qualify for preference points for B-BBEE)
  • Must be taxcompliant.
  • Quotations must reflect a cost breakdown where applicable. Prices quoted must be inclusive of VAT. In case of a Non-Vat Vendor please indicate so.
  • ASSAF has the right to withdraw any quotation at any time within the validity of the quotation. ASSAF will not award the contract to any bidder who does not comply with the terms and conditions of the bidding document and will at its own discretion appoint next qualifying supplier