Nobel laureate and Young Scientists at the G20, at the National Academy of Medicine

Sir Richard Roberts, Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 1993, is the highlight of the seminar “Young Scientists and the Future of Science,” on July 3rd, at the National Academy of Medicine (ANM). The event, which is part of the G20 agenda, is organized by National Academy of Medicine (Brazil), the Health Coalition Institute, and the City of Rio de Janeiro. The event  will take place from (13:30 to 20:00 Brazil time) 18:30 – 01:00 SAST.

Eliete Bouskela, the president of ANM and the first woman to preside over the Academy in 195 years, emphasizes the presence of a Nobel laureate and highlights the panel that will bring together women. “Women from all over the world, including Brazil, will be discussing the challenges we face as women to secure our place and advance in science.”

Dr. Gustavo Gameiro, a young physician leader at the National Academy of Medicine and the seminar organizer, explains that the goal is to give a voice to the young generation. “When we conceived this event, we wanted to give young people a voice and connect the new generation of scientists from various countries to inspire them, just as I was inspired at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. We aim to foster discussions and potential collaborations to address relevant societal issues.”

Lindau Nobel Meetings have been held annually since 1951 on the island of Lindau, Germany, bringing together about 30 to 40 Nobel laureates and the new generation of scientific leaders; 600 undergraduate students, master’s students, doctoral candidates, and post-doctorates from around the world. The themes of the meetings alternate between the three scientific disciplines of the Nobel Prize: physics, chemistry, or physiology/medicine, and recently, economics has also been included. “The meetings aim to emphasize the importance of science and advocate for collaboration. Lindau’s motto is to educate, inspire, and connect,” says Gustavo Gameiro.

The event is divided into three panels: the first will be dedicated to projects by new scientists, with the participation of Moses Basitere (South African Young Academy of Science), who will talk about the importance of collaboration between young and experienced scientists; Mayra Silva from Cape Verde will speak about digital transformation in Africa; Antonia Morita Iswari Saktiawati (part of the IAP Young Physician Program) from Indonesia will discuss tuberculosis; Ashwin Parchani from India will address the impact of volunteering on global health; and Brazilian Laiana Azevedo Quagliato will debate mental health in children and adolescents.

In the second panel, dedicated to women, Professor Helena Nader, president of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, will talk about the importance of academies and international cooperation; Dr. Eloisa Bonfá will explain the challenges of medical education in the 21st century; the rector of UERJ, Gulnar Azevedo e Silva, will address “Public University and Social Inclusion”; and Margareth Dalcolmo will highlight the importance of communication with society, using the COVID-19 experience as an example.

The third panel will bring together Professor Viviane Y. Naimy, from the Faculty of Business and Economics at Notre Dame University in Lebanon, who will showcase humanitarian administrative experiences to alleviate poverty in Lebanon; Professor Himla Soodyall, Executive Officer of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), who will talk about the role of the Global South; Professor Yensi Flores Bueso from the Global Young Academy, who will discuss the vision of the Global Young Academy; Professor Carlos Gadelha, Secretary of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Strategy at the Ministry of Health; economist Arminio Fraga, former president of central bank of Brazil; and Nobel laureate Richard Roberts, who will deliver a message to young scientists.

For young Indian doctor Ashwin Parchani, participating in the National Academy of Medicine event in the context of G20 Brazil is a tremendous opportunity to engage with international health leaders. “This conference is an excellent platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on transformative health solutions.”

The co-chair of the South African Young Academy of Science, Professor Moses Basitere, stated that “science and collaboration within the Global South are vital to addressing common challenges and promoting sustainable development through innovative, inclusive, and locally relevant solutions.”

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