Call for Nominations for New ASSAf Council Member

ASSAf Members – You are hereby invited to submit nominations to fill the position on the ASSAf Council for the remainder of the 2016 – 2020 cycle. There is one vacant position on the ASSAf Council subsequent to the resignation of Professor Shireen Hassim before the expiration of her term of office.

You are kindly requested to nominate an ASSAf Member, who will commit her/himself to fulfilling all obligations, to serve on the Council.  Nominations must be submitted using the attached nomination form in accordance with Regulation 13 of the Academy (copy attached).  A list of ASSAf Members is available on the ASSAf website at

Please send the completed nomination form to Ms Renate Venier on or fax 086 210 5592 by 4 May 2018.