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ASSAf Members – contributing to the knowledge economy and skills development

ASSAf Brand – Science in the Service of Society

ASSAf Roadshows to South African Universities and Science Institutions 2021 Series

ASSAf and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

ASSAf Council Strategic Planning Meeting

African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS) celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Keeping faith in science: Why young scientists continue to matter?

Impact of Science – About the meeting

Promoting coherence about impact within the science eco-system – A plenary session presentation by Prof Daya Reddy, UCT and ISC

Advancing the Research Impact Agenda: Transforming the science system (panel discussion)

Business Unusual: Shifting Transformation into Higher Gear – Insights from Faye Reagon, Knowledge Management and Communications Consultant 

In conversation with Prof Refilwe Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya

“Dinosaurs in Africa” by Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan

Promoting gender equality to prevent violence against women

Activist doctor turned health policymaker

In conversation with Lee Berger

Advancing human genomic research on the African continent

Selection of the New NHGRI Scientific Director – Dr Charles Rotimi

14th International Congress of Human Genetics

Human Origins and Culture – Hosted by Life Sciences Across the Globe (LSAG)

Cradle of humankind series: Prof Soodyall engages with the Future Professors Programme group

Cape Town Assembly – a first for Astronomy in Africa

ASSAf in the National Science week 2021

ASSAf launches Essential facts about Covid 19 – The disease, the responses, and an uncertain future

How do we know if and when science makes a difference?

“Innovation” mindset for impactful municipal service delivery

SAGE – Awareness and resilience in emergencies

Academies of Science for a better world

Data-Informed Societies Achieving Sustainability: Tasks for the Global Scientific, Engineering, and Medical Communities

The State of Climate Change Science and Technology in South Africa under the spotlight

Report Evaluates Alternative Telecommunication Technologies for the KCAAA

Launch of the Consensus Study Report on the Root Causes of Low Vaccination Coverage and Under-Immunisation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Reducing Poverty and Inequality in South Africa

Wastewater Surveillance in the Management of COVID-19: Experiences from three Countries 

The No Paraffin! Campaign: A Call to Action

Khulisa Journals providing leadership in best practise scholarly journal editorial workflows and publishing

Copyright Amendment Bill Workshop to provide recommendations to the President

Stay connected in a disconnected world – the African Scientists Directory (ASD) 

Co-operation is the key to Policy Advice